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  • I am developing 2 games ,and i'm running into a weird sound issue.

    On Super Booty Diver I am trying to get some fanfare going when you collect all the treasure. I created a little short little bit of music to be played when this happens which i have set to go off on at when Chests are less than ,or equal to zero its suppose to set the Winner text up, destroy whatever enemies are still on screen, stop the current level music, and play the fanfare.

    Once the text appears the game is suppose to wait a few seconds then go to the next layer. Problem is the fanfare doesn't trigger until the next level starts.....i don't know how to fix it.

    Next issue is in a game called Zediker Defender (asteroids type game) i got a thruster sound effect to be triggered when holding down the button for the thrusters. Problem is the sound comes off way different sounding than the sound effect normally sounds once the button is held down ,and it almost sounds echoed like.

    Any ideas?

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