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  • Webscokcet my settings:

    function init ()


    OnBeat function ()



    function onMessage (uid, msg)

    ?? broadcast (uid, msg)

    ?? return ""


    onConnect function (uid)

    ?? return ""


    OnDisconnect function (uid)

    ?? return ""

    function onMessage (uid, msg) - Called When a user sends a message

    • Uid (string): userid of user messaging server
    • Msg (string): message received

    sendto (uid, msg) - Send a message to a user by Their uid

    • Uid (string): userid of who will receive msg
    • Msg (string): message to be sent


    This is the configuration of my websocket. What I search is the following:

    The player presses a button, it sends a message such as "Hello" and the second player receives this message in a text box, and can respoder, to pressed another button.

    How I can do this? I am crazy, trying to create this.

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  • Closing, this is not an appropriate forum to ask this type of question. Try StackOverflow.

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