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  • Hi,

    Got couple of suggestions for the website.

    Forum: Being able to follow/un-follow posts. My reason is that I often come across plugins that might be useful for me at some point, but not at the moment of finding them. With option to follow a post, there could be an option to display only posts you follow in particular subforums, making it easy to keep track on things.

    Page - Plugin Repository: Would be nice to have one page that catalogs all plugins with short description, current version, icon, and links to download, demo, and plugin post. Just would speed browsing those up. I know there is a page on the forum that catalogs them up, but it's not very clean to browse trough.

    Ok, let me know what you guys think?



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  • For the Page suggestion, I think a slightly modified version of the tutorial section would be great for that. (And it's already written.)

    And the follow forum feature would also be great for when your wanting to follow a conversation. Like when you aren't really involved to get named, or they forget to

  • personally Why not bookmaek and organize at the browsers? this is what I do.

  • Got loads of bookmarks. Would rather have that on the website itself.

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