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  • I just discovered this, while reading through the developmental release history of Construct 2:

    What next for Construct 2

    I just want to say that this is awesome, and I think it would be even more awesome if this feature was directly integrated into the Scirra website.

    I understand that features that are in the works are very likely based upon necessity (bug fixes), long sought features that have yet to surface, technological breakthroughs outside of C2, etc.

    However, since the list of features to implement into C2 is, I've heard, substantial, I doubt that it is completely impractical to let the community have a small, directly visible, easily accessible, and actively encouraged request device on the website.

    Furthermore, Scirra can, of course, create the listing of choices for the community to vote upon, thus eliminated the risk of lengthening the feature request book any further than would otherwise occur.

    And I don't believe this implementation would involve much additional work for Tom [or Ashley]. Simply refreshing a poll each new release (betas included), announcing the 'top pick' from the previous poll (i.e. from the previous release...just making my thoughts entirely clear<img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle">), perhaps a very brief statement regarding that chosen feature, and finally adding one or two feature requests into the new poll.

    Personally, I feel this is very doable, and would be an outstanding way to make everyone involved, regardless of their social and/or technical fortitude. Likewise, I feel it would do even more to excite users for new updates, would be attractive to potential C2 users, and would really add to the feeling of 'belonging' and personal gratification felt by all members the Scirra community.

    And as a closing statement, I would like to offer my services, if desired, in implemented this website feature request. I know that I am new to the Scirra community, but I have been working vigorously to gain the knowledge necessary to become an asset both here and throughout the online community as a whole. I invite Ashley, Tom, or any moderator with influence regarding any incorporation of mine regarding Scirra and C2, to PM me requesting information or anything else deemed valuable.

    Thank you!

    P.s. Please bump if you would like to see this feature (a "what next for Construct 2 poll for each update) implemented directly onto the Scirra website!

  • Maybe you could setup a construct2 uservoice. Quick, easy & free. Then everybody can suggest & vote on features.

  • Thank you for the suggestion, mutuware.

    I think the degree of sophistication offered by uservoice detracts from two of my points above, which I believe to be valuable:

    "thus eliminated the risk of lengthening the feature request book any further than would otherwise occur."


    "make everyone involved, regardless of their social and/or technical fortitude."

    Likewise, though I can't seem to find the quote at the moment, either Tom or Ashley wrote something relating to the speed and easy of use that the Scirra website sign-in and registration offers.

    My guess is that neither of them would endorse an unnecessary complication for their customers unless it provided a bit more leverage to their cause than my proposal does.

    Uservoice appears to be a nice tool, however, and thank you for bringing it to my attention for potential future usage!

  • We have considered having a public todo list/voted suggestions feature, but we don't think it's a good idea for a number of reasons:

    • sometimes popular suggestions are impossible, or at least not possible for the majority of users with default settings (e.g. "make WebGL work on IE")
    • often highly popular ideas are totally impractical or so complicated as to require a whole new product, such as "allow making 3D games"
    • suggestions from users cannot take in to account the technical complexity of the job given the design and architecture of C2's code
    • since we're working with new technologies, things chop and change in the market regularly, and we also have to chop and change what we are working on in response to this - we don't necessarily have a fixed set of things to work through, and some requests can be made redundant by technology developments (such how it is looking likely the Awesomium exporter can do everything a native EXE exporter would have)
    • everyone has their pet feature, and this might increase pressure on developers to work on features which are only applicable to a vocal minority rather than to the benefit of all users, which could be to the detriment of the product in the long term
    • a public list cannot take in to account important work we are doing privately for companies behind the scenes
    • we are a small company and can't work on too many things at once
    • having all our best ideas in one big list could benefit our competitors

    In short, we do listen very carefully to what our users say. However, it's more complicated than just making a big list of the most popular things to work on. We have to find a delicate balance between Scirra's needs and user's needs, and things like keeping maintainable code can make decisions quite difficult whereas it can look obvious from a user point of view.

  • I feel bad to have caused you to write all of that.

    I agree with you and thank you for your time, though I'll seek not to distract you for such a period unless I feel its worth it, in the future.

    I've reviewed the old poll, and can see how several of your points can be related to even just that one (and indeed, wouldn't be surprised to discover if that's where much of your thought regarding this subject was initially generated).

    So yeah, thank you again.

    You did spur my curiousity with "a public list cannot take in to account important work we are doing privately for companies behind the scenes"...

    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Twice now I've typed a good deal more and deleted it. I'll shut up now.

  • No, it is good to let the cat out of bag. ;)

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  • Ashley , I saw your post ... But you could do like a To-do Greenlight list , you can add the suggestions you want but only the (x number) upvoted suggestions will be PM'ed to the Developpers ! That would be awesome ! Remember , Union is Power ;) !

  • I would love to have better tilemap support including animation feature

  • ..uh oh. :\

  • - unfortunately my previous post still applies - people make suggestions regardless of if things are feasible, etc.

  • we could like report the things that are impossible

    , like , report setting would pm you and you could be able to remove the too big setting , we , the community can see what is impossible , like , we are here to help you guys , what you say Ashley !

  • I think Ashley and Tom have thought this out already, perhaps more than once, and are keen upon their decision for the reasons specified earlier in this topic.

    If we are lucky, perhaps there will be a forthcoming "Autumn Road-Map" blog post, but otherwise, I think we are kept pretty well informed about the progress of C2, if by nothing else the incredibly consistent releases.

    Besides, while writing a Christmas list can be fun, nobody likes it when their favorite present doesn't end up under the tree. But if Santa dropped more gifts down your chimney every week like Scirra does, I don't think it'd be very practical to send him letters every 7 days.

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