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  • Is it possible to run a WebRTC (multiplayer) server using something like NodeJS, instead of using a construct2 psuedo - server (a capx)? I am looking for something that will hopefully scale and run on vps or similar hosts.

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  • AFAIK there aren't any non-browser platforms like node.js that have WebRTC support, and even if they did you would have an extremely difficult time making sense of the Construct 2 Multiplayer protocol. A browser tab on a dedicated server is probably the best way.

  • For me at least, 'browser tab' and 'dedicated server' do not make sense together. When I think dedicated server, I think 'background process' (or service), that starts at start-up. What happens if the machine hangs, power cycles, or the browser crashes? It would require human intervention to re-start. The game would be down until that happens.

    This multi-player library looks promising, do you have any suggestions on design, for a more resilient server / host? OR, should I be looking at a different method multi-player communications (any suggestions if so)?


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