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  • I tried porting a slightly modified version of Space Blaster to WebOS and Android (I found this to be necessary in order to evaluate the performance on those platforms) utilizing Phonegap Build.

    While the Android version ran at a "steady" 3 FPS (my Android tablet is quite outdated and doesn't use any of the speed improvements that came with Android Honeybee, so that came as no surprise. Though it's weird that neither the touchscreen nor a plugged in USB keyboard allowed me to control the ship), the WebOS port wouldn't run at all.

    I downloaded and forwarded it to my HP Pre3 three times already (using the Windows 7 Nova USB driver and WebOS Quick Installer) but the result is always the same. I get greeted by a black screen and nothing happens. No audio, no graphics. Just a plain black screen and a small button to the upper left that says Spaceblaster (that one is non-functional as well).

    Any way I can get it to work properly?

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