WebGL on mobile not working (Blackberry Playbook)

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  • I was trying out some WebGL demos on one of my two new Blackberry Playbooks (still not exactly sure whether it was wise to invest into two, but I digress) and found that none of the Playcanvas nor the Construct 2 ones were working.

    I haven't yet checked out the sources of either demo but was wondering whether this was done on purpose.

    Do those demos specifically check for a desktop browser (as can be done in an event sheet, I seem to recall) or is the whole WebGL implementation inside Construct 2 incompatible with mobile browsers?

    EDIT: Another question: Since Blackberry 10 and Blackberry Playbook OS 2.1 are both using Webworks SDK for their HTML5 content, would it be possible to deploy an app to the Blackberry Playbook using the Blackberry 10 export option?

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  • Most if not all mobile browsers do not support WebGL. I've only heard of one mobile device by Sony that has WebGL running.

    If you want WebGL on mobile. The solution is to use CocoonJS when they release there WebGL update soon. Not out yet though.

    This problem has nothing to do with C2. It's the piggy back technology issue :( just need to wait until browsers support get's better.

  • WebGL support is improving; BB10 supports it well, Firefox OS and Tizen support it, and it's coming soon to Chrome for Android. Last I checked WebGL worked fine in BB10. I'll check again on a Playbook soon, but it ought to be working, the most common problem is graphics driver or WebGL implementation bugs rather than anything being C2's fault.

  • Playbook doesn't use BB10, they will release BB10 for playbook in end of year

  • The PlayBook browser ought to support WebGL. All demos except the ones from Playcanvas and Construct 2 work rather well.

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