Webgl and ios 8 performance

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  • I have around 5fps with ios8 on my iphone 5.

    Do you really think games in crosswalk will har native speed and that we wont need of wrappers anymore?


  • Is this really the best comparison? It's herky jerky even on my desktop, and that's running in a tiny window.

    Realtime raytracing is probably the most demanding thing you can ask a computer to do; without a dedicated gpu, you're not getting anywhere.

    iOS 8 performance is interesting though. How about some c2 games? Have you tried anything on the arcade, kongregate, newgrounds, etc?

  • Good lord, I'm getting 10fps on my gaming laptop!

  • Ray tracing is normally done on workstations. Even top GPUs like GTX 780ti or R290X struggle with proper ray tracing, giving a slideshow.

    There's a reason no game uses that technique for lighting due to its calculation intensive nature. They approximate lighting & shadows via maps.

  • My gaming laptop (2x NVidia GT 755M, 16 GB RAM, i7 4700MQ CPU) ran at ~8 fps, and ended up crashing both the NVidia driver and the WebGL part of Chrome (latest stable).

    So, this benchmark is not really good.

    Try this instead:


    => There's a HUGE difference between iOS 7 Safari and iOS 7 Chrome (which cannot use the faster nitro engine or jit or anything that matters because of Apple's closed iOS 7 policy).

    => The difference is equally huge between iOS 7 Safari and iOS 8 Safari - and THAT'S where it becomes interesting. Notice how many sprites that can be rendered - at 60 fps!!! That's INSANE!

  • Btw. - realtime raytracing doesn't exist in any full fledged game engine yet.

    Upcoming BRIGADE can do the trick:



    But notice the specs; two powerful NVidia desktop graphics cards; and still, the performance sucks. But it's definitely the future.

    I'm educated 3D animator, so I'm looking very much forward to realtime raytracing.

    But there's another solution; voxel-cone raytracing. This SHOULD have existed in Unreal Engine 4, but was taken out, due to performance issues on latest generation consoles (XBox ONE and PlayStation 4). UNITY can do it, however, so it IS coming, and when it does, it's gonna be an important step towards true raytracing.

    The solution that's used now, in all modern 3D engines, including Unreal Engine 4 and CryEngine, is called screen spaced reflections. Sure, they look ok, as in they're a huge step over plan texture baking which was modern 10 years ago; but now, the time is coming for raytracing.

  • I'm only getting 22FPS on my gaming laptop. Do you really think this is a good benchmark?

  • MacBook Pro 13 - 15: 22 fps, i say if it's run 5fps on iphone 5 it's a good result then

  • That's strange. I have 60 fps with my gtx 670

  • AMD A8 6600K APU w/ RADEON HD8570D and 16GB RAM - jerky 30 fps...

    Very unrealistic test

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  • I tried that on pc with 660ti and intel core i5 3750 and i got various results, depends on time this thing running, 50fps on start and 15fps after couple of minutes, then 50 again.

  • Shadertoy has lots of shaders which involve hardcore intensive calculations for the most impressive effects. If a gaming laptop managed 10 FPS, then 5 FPS on a phone is actually, like, super impressive.

    I'm about to do a blog post with lots of (more realistic) performance tests for iOS 8 so stay tuned!

  • The bunny-test works very well on my ipad mini (first generation).

    I can add 2000 bunnies at 60 FPS

    It's very weird because all the others test I did on IOS8 was very very very slow (maybe 1-2 FPS) , and some of them are not working at all (on ipad mini)

    I think it depends of the number of pass used in each demo. In the bunny demo, every bunny is a sub-mesh of one single big mesh, and every bunny share the same small texture (this size of the texture & buffers is probably important).

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