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  • Is there anything in C2 that would cause webgl to disable suddenly? I sent my friend two builds of my game recently, both built with the same version of C2, and on the old build webgl runs fine but now on the new one it's only using canvas2D as the rendering engine. On my computer however, the new version runs just fine under webgl. I built them both in node webkit.

    He just checked to see if the old build was effected, but it's not. Just the new build.

  • For the record, I found I put a webgl effect on a layer in the layout that was being run and that caused it to run in canvas2d for my friend. It works fine on my computer but not my friend's when I do that. My question still stands though for future reference,

  • If webgl is always disabled for your friend - or anyone else - then it's possibly due to out of date drivers or a blacklisted gfx card. Plenty of info throughout the forum on this issue, which is not down to C2, but browser makers.

  • His drivers aren't blacklisted though unless they just become blacklisted only when they try to run a layout that has webgl effects applied to layers. When I removed the webgl effects from the layer I had them applied to, he was able to run the game under webgl again and the game has a ton of other webgl effects on objects.

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  • That should never happen and I think it is more likely they are in fact getting canvas2d rendering all the time and adding a webgl shader has no effect and does not change the renderer. You can check which renderer is in use using the renderer system expression in-game, and see what Chrome thinks of your graphics card/drivers by visiting chrome://gpu in Google Chrome.

  • Oh yeah, forgot to check that. That seems to be the case, we just checked. He said the game was running at "normal speed" so I assumed he was getting 60FPS but apparently not which makes sense and apparently none of the webgl effects work for him like I thought they did so this is all cleared up now. Thanks.

    I was going to give him the Chrome GPU test but he doesn't use Chrome. Oh well, I was thinking of putting a disclaimer at the start of the game where it warns you if you're not running webgl and that the game will probably run much slower.

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