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  • I have a problem with WebGL effects on Android. While on PC, all the effects are working fine, but when I preview on local network through Google Chrome for Android, some of the effects don't work, exactly effects "Noise" and "Glow Vertical/Horizontal". Effect "ScanLines" works fine, though.

    I also exported my project through cocoon.io with the same result. What's wrong? Situation is the same on three android devices which I tested.

    Someone wrote that it may be a problem in mobile GPU: scirra.com/forum/webgl-performance-issues-on-android_t122896

    Is there a way to fix it?

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  • Chrome on mobile has had support for WebGL for a while now, and from what you describe it is enabled on your device, due to scan lines working. You could check that both the operating system and the browser is up to date, although probably not the problem as support has been there for years now. The full capability may be hidden behind a flag in chrome, try navigating to chrome://flags and enabling 'Override software rendering list'. If this fails, could you list the devices you have tested on along with the version of android and chrome?

  • briggybros

    Everything is up to date. I think that this problem is not connected with the browser, because an exported with cocoon .apk gave me the same result. Instead of noise I see some slowly moving thin colored lines.

    Here's the link: scirra.com/forum/webgl-performance-issues-on-android_p875195

    This post seems right in my situation.

    I've tested on Xiaomi Redmi 4, Lenovo A2010-a and some Meizu

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