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  • OK, I have a question after few months and many discussions about the performance-problems on Desktop/Android etc.: OK, when a native exporter/wrapper is not the solution to this problem (some people here have write it in the forum and it sounds logical for me thats a native exp. not the right way at the moment), but: "WHAT IS THE SOLUTION, ASHLEY???? Fact is: Its actually 329 €uro for broken software....." Is there a plan or a idea that you have or we are going ~ next year ~ in round "3" for nothing?????? The Version "Construct 2 r45" is from the 26. june 2011!!!!!!!

    "Clickzone" in the end 90s is a better visual Scripting language as construct because its sooo heavy buggy at that time that I have give up the projects after 3 hours. The problem with c2 is that i spend 100s of hours in a project and the bad things come with your software at the end.

    PS: Is it right that there are no details on the scirra-page about this problems (Costumer-Deception)

  • why are you using r45? current stable release is r216 been over 4 years since then ... the rest is a bit of misunderstanding ... people take to literally the front page words... as a design the software in my opinion does what the creators says... outside that is a matter of how u use it and for what ... but i hear you when u say ... where is the native exporter... is a long debate about it on forums lately.. maybe will be added in c3?

  • Yes they should put on the front page how some users assume they can do any kind of game without having to learn how to create games within the restrictions of their chosen platform.

    Or someone is having a bad day and just wants to vent.

  • gamecorpstudio: Thats a long time to now. I use the latest stable-build. I wanted illustrate the long time from "Hello World" to now. I am sure, with better conditions at the end (exporting) we (c2-users) have a lot more c2 games on playstore, steam and co. Here are some of user they have telling in other threads that they have 2 or 3 games in the pipeline.

  • no, you just have to waste some time and brain to play around and export perfectly.

    i recommend visual studio 2015 (community version is free and comes with all android stuff and so on..)

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  • Hmm, when i read the threads about intel xdk, cordova, cocoon, visual studio..... i feel giddy!

    Can everyone tell me, how can a newbie about this letter-jungle take the right way? Its not harder as an 1000 pages big programming book. I mean, when it give problems with software (bugs or technical) its ok for me to wait some weeks and with core problems longer time. But we speaking here about 5 1/2 years!!!!! When i look at the timeline with lot of promises for a better situation coming soon. Again and again and again and again.......

    Here are one question of 100s that i have and making me scared: Scirra tells: In C3 there are the old capx files (c2) are compatible. Is then the S*it with the exporting the same?.....

    Again: The Basics from c2 are wonderful and Ashley have make a great job. I like the workflow! But Sry, it brings nothing with the bad end!

  • good programers read more then 1000 pages.

    bad programers just expect "stuff to happen", "everything to work" etc...

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