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  • Hi guys...is there a way to free memory??

    i want to give the player the option to turn off for example, water effects...so if they dont have a powerful Pc they can set water affect to low...

    i tried to code, that when water effects varialbe is 0 destroy all the fancy affects...but when i destroy then they dont free space on the memory...

    i have an option to not respawn particles if the players wants it or not...

    can you think of any method to give me player the option to play the game using less memory??

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  • If webgl is on (or on ejecta), everythkng is loaded layout by layout, you could maybe if there is no better way have a layout that does nt at all use that.

    Also each webgl effects can be deactivated, you should have a way to turn them down via a variable.

  • If you mean image memory, Destroying images will not help you, Because the images will upload if you are using it or not.

    What i learned from my game is alot of animation frames will drop the fps and also the particles and webgl effects.

    All the 2 games : angvik & Airscape

    Used the quality low or high option, Try to ask the owners about their way to make this.

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