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  • Hello, currently I am wondering about how I should map the controls for my platformer game.

    WASD to move, J to fire, K for abilities, L for inventory;

    Arrow Keys to move, C to fire, X for abilities, Z for inventory.

    Both use Spacebar to jump.

    I'm wondering about whether or not I should move

    the Arrow Keys to use N to fire, B for abilities and V for inventory instead

    so that the buttons are in the middle of Spacebar.

    What do you think? Arrow Keys + ZXC or VBN?

  • For Keyboard controls, I always use the arrow keys. It's traditional and makes more sense. No one's going to hold the keyboard like a controller. ;)

    I usually do the arrows for direction, S for the jump, A for Attack, D for defend, or some other combo of that.

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  • So since my game switches between WASD/ARROW, it should be WASD|JKL and ARROW|ASD?

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