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  • i am in the developing of my game and i export it via cocoonjs(for android).when i run it in my phone in the warnings section gives me 6 warnings

    1)Not implement document addEventListener:Tizenhwkey

    2)Not implement document addEventListener:searchbutton

    3)Not implement document addEventListener:menubutton

    4)Not implement document addEventListener:appMobi.device.update.available

    5)Not implement window addEventListener: offline (this showed me twice)

    6)Not found getElementById:c2canvasdiv.

    i have plugins like time,pause_dt,canvas,clock,text shadow if this helps and my game is created for 1280*720 scale inner webgl off,point sampling (and linear in different version).

    i did something wrong and get these warnings?are they drop the performance and how can i "fix" it?

    if anyone knows please give an advice.i google the warnings but i didnt found a helpfull and understandable (for me at least) solution

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  • They are just triggers for when buttons for specific devices are pressed, and as it says they aren't implemented in cocoonjs. They can be safely ignored and will not affect performance at all.

  • thanks alot mate.

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