Who wants CocoonJS support back?

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  • Does physics game works good with crosswalk

  • > delaflaquita I put in "http://localhost:50000/" and it didn't work. It says, "Server not available".


    You need to enable the preview over wifi inside C2

    matrixreal it is not as easy as that, cocoonJS and Ejecta are actually engines, they are just not based off nor working like browsers engines, and so they lack some features (notably every form control, but not only), also while ejecta is open source , cocoonjs is maintained by ludei, and they have troubles so their focus is not what it should be (I think they are trying to have an investor so they can get up again, but it does not seem to bode well for them).

    Crosswalk is chrome for android combined with you game, as an apk with some API access (so based on an open source browser engine, an maintained by companies with a assured future before them), phonegap is basically just the game communicating with the webview of the device and the APIs (basically it runs on the integrated browser engine on all android and iOS devices, however it is not that great until android L and iOS8).

    Also all of them supports canvas2D, to be exact, if webGL is not possible, canvas2D will be used as a fallback

    Webgl tends to be faster, except in some particular cases, so it is recommended to let it on, but you can set it off inside C2 if you ever need it.

    its always pleasure to read your post

    anyway what about canvas2d+ ??? i read that cocconjs support canvas2d+ and not ejecta !!!!

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  • I just tried to give Ejecta a chance and exported it to my Ipad and it crashed.

    I know my app is big and won't run on devices with less than 1GB Memory, but with cocoonjs there has never been a problem on ipad 4.

    I used the XCode debugger and saw that ejecta needs 1GB Memory in the very first beginning and 700MB during runtime.

    Unfortunately the XCode debugger won't work with the CocoonJS Project so I cant tell you how much memory cocoon needs.(it always says I have the wrong architecture - no matter which settings I use. If anybody has a hint for me, I'd be very glad).

    But fact is my app runs smoothly with Cocoon but not at all with Ejecta.

  • Disappointed. Really do not understand what happened....

    The export is off

  • CocoonJS was terribad! I am happy that I won't have to answer any more support questions for CJS.

  • Disappointed. Really do not understand what happened....

    The export is off

    CocoonJS being a working solution short term wise, but having a really bad support and resulting on a bad popularity on C2 since ludei did not do their job correctly either in giving a valid changelog for scirra to adapt C2, or just plain refusing to maintain the cocoonJS plugin while rendering it open source to not look bad.

    CocoonJS was not listening, and scirra could not support the users using it since ludei did not seem to care anyway, at the end people were dissapointed due to incompatibility and long term breaking changes issues.

    This decision is more an officialisation of what was already the situation, and did not come like a surprise to anyone following this situation, even crosswalk became an official export to go against using cocoonJS, but People kept using it, now it is officially off, you can still use it, but I would never ever recommand anyone starting off a new projec with it.

  • Slice you turn the export back on again, but Scirra is no longer supporting it.

  • Hello everyone,

    First of all, we have been reading carefully all your opinions. We would like to thank you all the time you spent around this topic.

    Secondly, we would like to underline that we fully respect Scirra’s decision to hide the CocoonJS related options. Still, we have been discussing internally during several days and we finally reach to a conclusion we would like to share with all of you.

    Thus, we would like to remark that even if we are aware about the limitations that are present in Canvas+, we also want to remember that CocoonJS is not only Canvas+.

    We have just published a blog post in which we explain our point of view.

    We hope to see more Construct2's games published using CocoonJS .

    We will be reading all your answers during the following days and helping in everything we can. We really appreciate Construct2’s Community opinion .

    Kindly regards,


  • ludei I saw you showed the right click to show the deprecated exporter, which is the way, but you also said that about the plugin, but I am not sure this actually is the current plugin (since the current open source plugin has been done in an incompatible way relative to the old plugin, so it was not included inside C2 by default to prevent compatibility issues), I could be wrong, but you should redirect to the open sourced cocoonJS plugin.

  • Hello Aphrodite,

    Thanks for pointing this out.

    This is our Open Source Plugin in which there is a .capx that shows how to use it.

    Soon it will be updated to support Facebook. In addition, we will change its name in order to prevent conflicts with the one included in Construct 2.



  • Slice you turn the export back on again, but Scirra is no longer supporting it.

    Hello TheWyrm

    How to activate the export ? You know ?

  • ludei Please make img.dispose() work with Construct! I love CocoonJS so much cause it's easy to debug, but all images are stored in memory and cant be released which is a huge problem for apps with a lot of images.

  • I used Intel XDK for my recently published game, as the last Construct build supporting CocoonJS gave me nothing but black screens... so I ditched it after a lot of frustration. Simple black screen was all I got.

    However, I would love to see it working again, if it becomes more reliable. First test I did a year ago were great.

  • Has anyone tested how does the newest Github CJS-plugin work with r180?

  • I just tested the new CocoonJS Plugin and it runs smoothly with version 179.

    I'd love to see a getDeviceId Expression in the official plugin.

    I also tried to use the dispose() function on an image object and its not working.

    var wt = this.runtime.findWaitingTexture("sprite-sheet0.png");


    Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

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