Walls and pathfinding

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  • I came across a weird problem while making a game. Enemy npcs are like this - if you arent doing anything, pathfind to a random position(random x,y). If failed to find path, again - pathfing to a random position Once path found, move along it and etc... Everything should work okey, but when the npcs get near the walls, they just stop moving and stand there. I Believe that npcs have found a path, but its in the wall or something like that. and because of that, they arent doing anything. Shouldnt it be "failed to find path" at that moment ? hmmm

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  • You may need to regenerate the obstacle map

  • Also if you're using Unbounded Scrolling the pathfinder gets weird results because it doesn't considers the area outside the actual layout size to exist

  • Thanks for the suggestions. After trying out lots of stuff, I found what was causing the problem. Looks like the npcs didnt like the thing with - if failed to find path, find to random x,y. By disabling it, looks like everything started to work again :)

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