I wait and wait and my money for C2 waits too!

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  • OK, every weeks i look at this Page and this wonderful Project. But there is one thing i am understand! C2 is a great Program... I love it. I work with this kind of programs many years (Multimedia Fusion 1&2, Construct 1 and 2 (C2=!!!Demo!!!) but why... OK, will scream it: BUT WHY YOU CAN NOT TO INTEGRATE A PATH-MOVEMENT IN OLD STYLE AT THIS LONG TIME!?!?!?! It is for the Workflow a very Great way to make easy games... VERY GREAT!!!!! I will not for a Turtle he is going from left to right with some stops or shots (invisble Objects for this Events in the Pathline) 2 hours in the eventSheet-Layout clicking when i make this with the old stylish follow the line Pathmovment in 5 Minutes. I have 329 Euro here on my Desk ;) PS: I have read some Posts in the Forum... i am not alone with this Problem

    PS: Sry for my bad english!

  • It's on our todo list, but we're a small team and we have a lot of feature requests, so we can't give an ETA for things like this. In the mean time you can probably work around it using sprites to mark "waypoints", and getting objects to move between them.

  • Waypoint--style movement can be done with events without too much trouble - however if you want smoothly curving paths you may run into a bit of trouble (it can be done, just takes a bit of math)

  • Depends on your coding knowledge level .

    A veteran can make such a system in less than 5 mins ...

  • Whiteclaws: That?s right.... But when i will become the Status Veteran then i learn "c" or "Python" or "Java". I like programs ala construct for the easy way to make Software ;) But at this time i make waypoints and a Bullet movement ;) Asley: Thanks for the Speed-answer on saturday-evening.... Great Support!!!!

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  • I bet that's not gonna happen in the near future , but show me your talents , sir ! ;)

  • This is also suggested here: scirra.com/FORUM/topic66035.html

    but BasicTribe, you need to wait a bit more, because something bug free need time.

    Look the Golden Lotus game, was designed using sines as courses, and the bullet behavior.

    So, believe you can make anything without much trouble, doing two objects to simulate a course, and setup behind the parabolic math when you want the object to follow start to bows (Y=aX^2+b)

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