Vulkan for Construct?

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  • It might be a noobish question, but: Can Construct 2 (or 3) benefit from supporting the Vulkan API? If so, can we expect this in a future version of the engine?

  • Here's what Ashely has said on the matter in the past:

    [quote:fshnqw17]Vulkan is only supported with certain drivers on certain systems with the latest hardware. It's promising, but I doubt it will be on a majority of systems like OpenGL is for a long time to come. If waiting for technical improvements is unacceptable, then Vulkan doesn't fix that. There's also a huge pile of other issues, graphics certainly isn't the only significant component involved.

    (The above quote was in the context of the "Time to move forward?" thread).

    [quote:fshnqw17]I guess the "higher" reason is OpenGL is kind of a mess, the API is an early 90s design that has aged badly against modern tech. The new generation of graphics APIs like Vulkan, DX12, Metal etc. are all redesigned to work better with modern hardware and allow the drivers to be much simpler, so I guess that might go some way to helping, but that will probably take a few years to start having an impact...

    (That one is from 2015).

  • TBH, WebGL does about 98% of what a 2D game engine needs, and WebGL 2 (which should be supported by a few browsers by the end of this year) makes it 100%. Also for games that are already GPU-bottlenecked (e.g. fillrate limits) changing the API will have no performance impact. So while I think Vulkan is a very positive thing for the industry in general, I'm not sure it will have much impact on Construct 2. I'm not sure there will even be a WebVulkan, but if there is I don't think there are many clear benefits to be gained relative to something like WebGL 2, and the downside would be having to rewrite of a lot of complex rendering code.

    I think the most interesting possibility for Vulkan is that a browser starts using it as a backend for its WebGL implementation, which will more or less remove the graphics driver from the equation. This could provide much better reliability, and end problems like graphics driver blacklisting. For example Chrome uses ANGLE on Windows which is a wrapper library to convert OpenGL calls to DirectX - so the same mechanism could convert OpenGL calls to Vulkan and basically skip over a load of problems in drivers.

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  • Thank you for the information. If what you said will come then we'll looking forward a pleasant web dev future.

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