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  • no, it's not about the music composer vivaldi, it's about a new upcoming browser vivaldi.

    based off on Opera / Chromium the upcoming is supposedly the fastest man .. i mean browser alive.

    team that develops vivaldi used to develop opera long time ago, and inside vivaldi they are offering a load of features that do not come with chrome / opera and are usually extended.

    my question to people here is: do you intend to test your games in this browser? would you like to see it on a mobile platform?

    also.. do people test their games on other then firefox/ie/chrome browsers? i've tested them on opera and sometimes they seem'd broken, but after update they usually work, because they probably update the chromium engine behind it. also i've never seen a browser hit 555 mark (any browser) in the html5 feature test.

    if there was a browser that had full support over all 555 features, would we see a performance increase / improve through it? would we have better / faster working features?

  • I personally think like this:

    If there is a new browser into the party, it should normally respect the same specifications as the others (since the others should respect said specifications too), so I do not think the difference of "working or not working" should be that huge. As for mobile or not mobile, why not, if it works and people like it, it is not like it is an issue at all.

    As for the feature test, it indicates which features are supported by which browsers, not if any of them is fast, so a browser that support every feature / format / etc.. will not be faster because of that (it could still be).

    On my part I saw that browsers could react pretty wildly depending on the system they run on:

    -on my PCs, firefox is a pain, chrome is not as much a pain, opera was really fine but broken on some websites (according to other people using said computer).

    -on my tablet and my phone, chrome is just not good enough (html5 games not made with C2 an be unplayable, and even when made with C2 it is a no go for my phone),, while firefox is fluid and works great for every html5 game I tried on my tablet (and was at least decent on said phone).

    If we could have a browser that is not "the best for x, y and z platforms" but good in a consistent way across devices, as long as it is reasoneable, then maybe we could start thinking about it, right now, browsers are a mess (which is fine as long as you do not use them as wrapper, as the user choose the best for him).

  • Ashley, what's the test page you hav set up that checks the specs of the browsers and their compatibility with HTML5 and C2?

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  • Rhindon you mean this one ?

  • Aphrodite - That's the one!

  • Since it's based on Chromium it's not really that interesting to test IMO - it's probably going to produce the same results as Chrome. Browsers like this are basically just a new UI over the Chromium browser engine (as Opera now is).

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