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  • Hello my friends, here my attempt to make a visual novel with Construct 2

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    the only hard part, was making the dialogue, using too much variables

    wasn't comfortable or easy, i hope a new feature for dialogue behavior

    would be added in the future updates.

    making an HTML5 visual novel is fun and interesting, and this type of

    games very common for anime fan and girls, which don't require fast

    performance or any complex actions, which suit HTML5 and casual games

    very well :D.

    note: I'm still novice with Construct 2, I didn't follow tutorials yet but

    when I have time, sure I will imrpove my skills, I just love C2

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  • Awesome, i always dream of a visual novel of my sickness life. Thanks for the example! The girl is cute too. :D

    I'm pretty sure C2 will help you make a beautiful visual novel.

  • Thanks for the feedback, I hope the capx will benefit you =D

    C2 is awesome for designers and artists, and of course story teller too,

    if their an easy way for making dialogue hopeffuly in future, I'm sure

    lemma-soft will drop out Renpy XD (joking)

  • Most of artists scared of coding and programming, So engine like C2 is a saviour. :D

    I used to work with Visual Novel engine like Novelty or Renpy, but i gave up in 1 months. With C2, maybe making a Visual Novel seems difficulty, but you can make it with your own style, and easily share your result with other peoples.

  • Your story similar to my story, I tried to use renpy and novelty too,

    also game maker in the past, but the dialogues always an issue with me

    with gamemaker :(

    Renpy require a correct indention for each line and word, just one space

    enough to broke your code (based on python)

    so I still hope for a good support for dialogues in future updates,

    not mentioning how dialogues would be useful for RPG genre too =D

  • Hm, I guess a XML object would be ideal for VNs...

  • Mipey: it would help for a lot of things actually.

    You could even consider loading of levels with such an object.

    + Link to this topic added in the How do I FAQ.

  • I have found that a one-dimensional array consisting of all your quotes in order can do wonders for dialogue.

  • Quite true. That's what I used in Space Jinx (well bi-dimensional actually since I managed two languages to be displayed, english and french).

  • Why can't dialog be made on the go? I made such a a thing in MFF before and it can be done in C2 as well. Is there a downside to this?

  • I guess a Dialogue plugin could be made.

    It all depends, in the end, on how you want to implement it. Behind the scene it is probably just an array to that you call on to and push dialogues as values in.

    Considering features for C2, Ashley is alone working on C2. He's already working super fast, but still, he has to undergo the terrible limitation of having only 24 hours in a day.

    If you need such a feature, why not going into the plugins forum and asking the third part developpers to make one ?

    There are quite a few active coders there. And one of the most pleasing factor in plugin making is to know that your plugin gets used.

    I'd say it could be a win/win situation. Make a request topic.

  • Thank you all my friends for suggestions and comments <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    and I don't have problem to request a plugin from third party developers

    for dialogues, thanks for remind me Kyatric, I will post the request


  • prinsukun

    Looks great. It's 2015 now, how has it progressed?

    , C2 was really designed for 2D. However, I found this thread looking at these programs designed for 2D Visual Novels. Free 6.99 US (Note: can port to iOS devices)

    Both seems to be on the up and up on copyrights to creators.

    There's also a visual novel maker on steam, but I here it's limited. However, it can port to andriod and ios pretty fast.

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  • BurningWood:

    I gave scripting a visual novel "engine" in Construct 2 a shot as well, you can view it here:

    Advantage of Construct 2 would be the ability to add your custom code / minigames / subgames / extra functions you wish / whatever.

  • Hi all, this is my AVG template demo:

    This demo uses my dialog module which can be bought in Scirra Store : ... module-776

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