Virtual Keyboard and Textbox on mobile problem

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  • I got myself a textbox on my app, but when I touch it on mobile, a virtual keyboard popped up on the bottom and the app is scaled down to smaller size. (integer letterbox aspect ratio). While the user can type whatever into the textbox, this becomes a problem in that the "whole app" becomes shrinked and it's so small that it hurts to read those letters in the textbox.

    Is it possible to have the keyboard just appear on the bottom, but the app does not scaled down? I would like the keyboard to be on the bottom part of the app. I have the textboxes on the upper part of the app.

    How do we deal with this virtual keyboard problem here?

  • Make your own. Here is an example

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  • old issue on mobiles, sometimes you get lucky to even have the popup menu keyboard from androids, its not working properly and, how DUTOIT said the only fix at the moment is by doing your own keyboard and make it appear when its needed... but its going to be kinda cpu intensive .. since you'd have all those buttons or sprites on screen checking for conditions .. ...

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