My Video Randomly Sticks - Please Help!

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  • Ashley



    I have the latest stable versions of C2 and Node-Webkit installed.

    My video is in all 3 formats - so it's not a missing format issue.

    My game is for PC only (I want to put it on STEAM) - so I don't have to worry about phones, mac, etc.

    I have the latest versions of Chrome & Firefox on my laptop.

    I am previewing my video in-game using Node-Webkit preview

    My video is on its own layout - its a 5 minute opening cutscene


    When the player clicks on "New Game" in the Title Screen Layout, they are then sent to the Opening Cutscene Layout and the video automatically starts playing - just like in all those AAA games.


    The video starts playing as expected, then it randomly sticks - it never sticks in the same place twice. No idea what's going on here. Outside of C2 I can easily play the video in all of my video players - so I know that the video is not corrupted. It's just so odd that the video would randomly stop playing. When this happens, the only way to come out is to close Node-Webkit preview.

    Please note that I only have 1 event attached to this video - and there is nothing else on the Event Sheet...

    OpenCutscene > Has Ended > System > Go To Level1Layout

    That's it.

    Assistance from you guys would be greatly appreciated. I am 98% finished with my game - and this stumbling block was totally unexpected.

  • So has no one else ever had this problem? I cant believe that I'm the ONLY C2 user who has ever had this problem - that will be insane :/

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  • I know you are planning to release w/ node, but have you tried in Firefox and/or Chrome?

    I'm sorry to tell you this, but it could very well be an issue with the file itself. Video encoding is insanely complex, and encoders can be configured 1 of a million different ways. Dedicated video players are usually quite tolerant of odd or even damaged files; some, like VLC, are noted for this very ability. That your vid will play in these programs proves little.

    Try encoding to an alternative format, for one thing. Ogg theora for example:


    Encoder: ... p_redirect

    If you get the same kind of glitches with this format, something else is going on.

  • TiAm

    Like I said in my opening post ...

    [quote:9lue6zyp]My video is in all 3 formats - so it's not a missing format issue.

    I'm referring to all of the 3 formats that C2 supports - WebM, Ogg & Mp4

    So it can't be a formatting issue.

  • Whoops, missed that line.

    I guess it's your code then. If it's not your video encoding, and it's happening in Chrome/Firefox in addition to node, then it must be an event or behavior.

  • To narrow down the possibilities create a brand new project and only add enough to it to play the video and move to another blank layout. If that works look at the difference between the two projects.

    If the same issue is happening then post the capx of the new test project or at least a screenshot of the events so someone can help diagnose.

  • I tried everything and I'm not bothering with video integration anymore.

    I don't think Construct 2 can properly handle and integrate video, like AAA game engines.

    Maybe in later versions - but not now.

    So I decided to use a simpler solution ...

    The opening cutscene will now be just pictures with a "wait" action between each picture.

    So it's now like a slide show.

    It's not exactly what I wanted to do - but at least this solution actually WORKS.

    Thanks for trying to help guys.

    See Ya!

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