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  • I've noticed that if I set the Video Object's Autoplay to anything other than "Yes", the video doesn't show. I don't want to the video to automatically start unitl the user clicks on it.

    Also, is it possible to set the scale of the video? I know you can set the width & height.

  • There's nothing to show if the video isn't playing - were you hoping for it to stick to the first frame or something? It may not have even loaded the first frame if autoplay is 'off' though, so there really is nothing to show there.

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  • Sorry, yes I thought it would show the first frame ready to be played.

  • is there a way to get the user to choose the source, like use the nodewebkit plugin to get a user video. im just wondering for a simple media player type thing.

  • Ashley concerning the new Video plugin, I have some questions:

    1) Is it possible in the future to have video that supports transparency? I mean an alpha channel, just like PNGs have. We could do incredible stuff with that, just imagine backdrops that are pre-rendered and imported into separate layers with different parallax values etc! XP Using a sprite to cut out the video with blend modes is feasible, but very restrictive for really dynamic stuff.

    2) If I instance the video object (I haven't tried with to different objects yet), I notice that the video playback isn't in sync between them. They start playing in sequence. Why is that, and is there a way around it?

    3) The set loop action doesn't seem to work. No matter what I've tried, I can't make the videos to loop, unless I use the "on ended" condition and set the playback time to 0 and start again. Any advice on that?

    -EDIT- The looping problem seems related with using instances of the same video object.

    Here is an example in which I use the video object as a backdrop element. I've used the Chroma effect ( to key out the areas that I want them to be transparent, so this is might be a temporary solution for the first subject also. Notice that both video instances start in sync (I used a different video source on this test, so my 2nd point on this topic might also be off), but the loop isn't happening for both of them (the duration of the video is 10 secs).



    Thank you in advance!!!

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