Video error when trying to play mp4 on mobile devices

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  • I've been at this for days and I can't figure out what to do. Every time I try to play an mp4 video file (with the video plugin) in one of my games, there is a video error (i.e. the "On Playback event: error" event is triggered) and the video doesn't play. This occurs on all the mobile devices I've tried even if the "Can play through" event has triggered and there has been no stalling of the stream. I'm now trying it on a project that only has the video, a text element and the touch input and I've tried a thousand different encoding configurations for the video file, including adding a .webm alternative, but the problem persists. However, it works perfectly on PC Chrome and Firefox versions. Can anyone give any insight on this problem? I'm almost certain it must be an encoding problem, but since the specific error thrown by the video element can't be seen, I don't know what to do any more. Here are the devices and browsers I've tested on:

    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S (SM-T800) on Android 4.4.2: Chrome & Android default browser
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (SM-T530) on Android 4.4.2: Chrome & Android default browser
    • iPad 2 Retina on iOS 8.3: Chrome & Safari
    • Ainol Novo 7 Crystal on Android 4.1.1: Android default browser
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