Your version v.1.190 infected my pc with spyware...

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  • It may not have occured to you but if you see the details of the stable installer on the list the first thing it jots down to install is systemprotector.lua a spyware file please fix this soo others do not get infected i had to remove the spyware today and do a full reboot into safe mode with networking and get webrootsecure anywhere free 1 year license to erase this nasty easter egg you may or may not have intended to attach to your installer.

  • Funny, everytime I read one of these virus warnings it reminds me of one of those reports of bigfoot sightings, or alien autopsy footage.

    Well at least those try to provide some sort of proof anyway.

    Could it be possible you picked it up somewhere else?


    Maybe you could you come up with a title less inflammatory?

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  • Doing a little research on this virus, it seems to come within pirated versions of software. But, that's probably not the issue here.

  • buy the real version, support the developers and dont pirate the software

  • Ahoy t'har !

  • hehe.. oh dear.. what a shame.

  • The irony? Lifted this image...

  • But I didn't pirate it, a moderator linked me to it. Now I can name the topic, where you will see the moderator's post. Also if a moderator doesn't get along with a member, the moderator does not ever need to frame the member, for pirating and send a link to a infected version of the product.

  • truefalcon this is the only official page to download construct . if you downloaded from anywhere else it's fake. the official download is not infected that + your wording and asking for free stuff is way people are accusing you of pirating.

  • Yes but I was only asking for the trial version, not to pirate it, so you can use that, lying through your teeth phrase all you like, but you and all of us here know it is you whom is lying through their teeth... Btw I am planning on buying the software... ._. _._ -.- .-. So let's just call this a misunderstanding now let's drop the thought of me pirating it. Oh and the link you provided is the one I was given and I went to, and got infected from.

  • I found this post:

    is this the one you meant? It contains a link to a download of stable version posted by Kyatric.

    is it where you downloaded your software?

    If it is true, then maybe your computer could already be compromised and corrupted the downloaded file or something like that.

    If not, well, add it to learning experience that never ever go to official forum to ask for problems that happens on your pirated software. It is so embarrassing and insulting. But let's hope you did not do this.

  • For the record, I myself did not accuse you of pirating it, though I think I was the first raise this as a possibility, hoping you would respond to indicate you did not, and you did respond that you didn't. That's good. Discussion over.

  • So yes I sent you to the official download, that will make you download "construct2-r190-setup.exe" if you take it directly from the website, and should allow you to download the same file even if you take it from torrent.

    Nowhere is there a trace of "systemprotector.lua" in that installation file.

    It's likely you got your computer infected with it from elsewhere, and it is a file/software (apparently with a quick google search the software "Advanced System Protector" that can be erased with CC cleaner).

    Before raising hell every now and then, you should first have a look around and search by yourself before throwing accusations.

    Also, people who are still using r178 generally tend to be using an old pirate license.

    It did not really occurred to me in the previous topic and I still went right away to provide help.

    But if it ends in allegations that "a moderator is framing you" perhaps your next request for any kind of help will simply get ignored.

  • Do yourself a favour.. go here and download AdwCleaner That should sort your infected PC. ... dwcleaner/

  • Are you sure the spyware is not old?

    From other software?

    I don't know about you...but I don't check my task manager after every install. If you installed 10 items since you last could have been any of them.

    Some spyware lay dormant, it could have been from forever ago.

    You could have a virus that repackages your software. Meaning it makes it "look" like software is infected when really there is a bigger issue, something on your system is adding it to it.

    There are many possibilities.

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