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  • Hey Guys..I compile my game in XDK croswalk and upload to Play Store, but have a notification in my game that it was compiled with version 3.5.0 of Cordova and this version has a security flaw, and that I may app be excluded .Anybody know how to upgrade the XDK in Cordova ?? Thanks!

  • from the XDK thread. they will have it fixed on crosswalk soon.

    We have updated the cordova/android build to 3.51 so you should republish if you are using android, but not crosswalk with XDK. When we get the update from the crosswalk team we will update the crosswalk build, too. Crosswalk 8 first (beta) followed by crosswalk 7 (stable).

    The vulnerability was related to using android intents to launch your app and the whitelist for cross domain. If you don't know what this, then the fix for the vulnerability won't affect your app. However, google does not know what your app does, only that it was built with a vulnerable cordova so you need to republish.

    Google is not blocking new apps from being published, and I doubt they are going to be pulling apps in the near future so no need to be too concerned.

    > Is it possible to export with Intel XDK now, without running into vulnerability issues? I'm sincerely confused.

    > It's so weird, the emulator just shows me a black screen now. My app doesn't run anymore and on export it says that there was an error parsing the app.

    > Even weirder, it only plays if I select the Nokia Lumia device.


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  • Google says in the message that the application can be excluded but is updated. attached image

  • samanta I am aware as you can see in my Forum Signature i have two games out on android now. But you dont have to worry google has not announced that they are going to delete app with the old version just yet and crosswalk will be updated soon(couple of days). google most likely wont even delete apps for a couple of months(6+) as they have to give devs time to update

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