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  • I would be great to have a functionality to replace used global variable with instance variable


    replace instance variable with global variable

    For example if I use 20x same global variable in my event sheet

    & I want to replace them all with intancevariable of my object

    It could be power toll for eventsheet to save a lot of time if U change

    your mind in a big project

    (PICK which variable U want to replace)=>

    ( pick variable to replace------ replace with)   (DONE)

    Thanks !

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  • It could be done with sprites, also

  • Well there is a replace Object already, but var's are not objects. I doubt there will be a variable replacer. The best suggestion is to just start with local/object variables.

    But I did the same thing when I first got the tool. I vars as globals only to realize it would have been better as sprite or local.

    I don't believe this implementation would have long term merit as this is mostly just a stop gap for newer developers.

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