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  • Hi Ashley, ludei and C2 users

    I have been working closely with Carlos from Ludei to deal with the issues of the new cocoonjs cloud compiler.

    There are two remaining issues that I am experiencing that need attention. (I have given up on the old sprite font and decided all need to replaced :( )

    1. excessive load time. On my Samsung S3 my 25Mb app takes 26 seconds to load. I believe that this is probably a Ludei problem

    2. After the Ludei splash screen all I get is a black screen,no load bar, until the app starts. The time starting at a black screen is very long. If I switch WebGL off I do see the load bar, switch on I get a black screen.

    question - have others found this to be the case?

    And Ashley is this something that is C2's responsibility to address or is it caused by Ludei's new compiler.

    Obviously no user is going to wait 26 seconds for a app to start up if all they see is a black screen. Help!

  • czar I'm getting black screen too, only it's not loading at all, WebGL or not.

    I think for the moment, liaising with Ludei to try and rectify is the way to go. It's been a major update so some teething issues are to be expected :)

  • black screen too, don't understand why.

    with the last release of cocoonjs, works :(

  • I also have the black screen, and console says there's an error about physics. It crashes when applying torque or force. Ashley thinks it is problem�of�ludei's.

  • We turned off the loading bar in the WebGL renderer on CocoonJS because it's actually rendered with canvas2D, and the simplest thing was to remove it. Try making a loader layout as a workaround in the mean time.

    There's a bunch of problems with the latest CocoonJS release and we're working with Ludei to fix them.

  • I have no idea about loader layouts, I haven't come across them yet. I will search for info.

    Ashley, what sort of time frame do you think will apply? Do you think C2/CocoonJS will be stable in days or weeks?

  • I have found your tutorial Ashley and you write:

    1. Loader layouts are not shown when publishing as native apps on mobile (e.g. via PhoneGap, CocoonJS and appMobi). This is because the entire application is downloaded at once. Since all files are immediately available, nothing needs to be downloaded. For these platforms you probably want to focus on a custom splash image instead.

    So this sounds like it not an option? Correct?

  • IIRC they are still shown and working, but normally with small apps it's so fast if you blink you'll miss them. I guess your app is large enough that the loader layout would be visible for a reasonable amount of time. Give it a shot and let me know if it works.

    The 30sec load time is a CocoonJS bug and I'm helping Ludei fix it - it's trying to load the entire project on startup, and it doesn't need to. It should only need to load the first layout before the game starts which would make it a lot quicker to display something.

  • Ashley

    How much time it will take do you think?

  • I'm facing a bit sad situation right now with my project. With 1.3 my physics based game was running well on Android. FPS with Samsung galaxy S mini was 40 FPS and with Asus Transformer(4.0.3) it was pure 60 FPS. Now when I run my game in 1.4 launcher with galaxy s mini, I get 50-60 FPS good, but comes with this horrible audio bug. Asus Transformer(4.0.3) runs my game now with 20-30 FPS, making the game unplayable.

    The audio bug must be something that Construct 2 does when leaving the app and then returning to it.

  • Ah! nemo,

    i post too a similar problem but on iOS


    now i suppose that also to me the problem is related to the audio!!??

    (i have background music on and few sound effects)

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  • Something new on that issue? I get black screen after i start my app.. nothing happens at all. I used physic objects and a loader screen. On the Ludei test app the game works fine. But after compiling i get this issue with black screen. Can anyone help so far? I have worked for so long to get my game finished and now i cant play it.. :(

    if someone can help me, please send me a private message! Thanks a lot!

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