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  • Hi guys,

    I have found that when I use the z-order manager I only see a subset of the instances in the layer, which can make it tricky to guarantee that I have positioned my instance correctly. The way I use the tool is by selecting an instance, right click it and select z-order>edit z-order...

    Am I using it correctly? or do I have to do something else to see other instances in the z-order manager?

    Kind regards,


  • You should click on the layer, not object. And select z-order manager. You will see all objects, you can change the z-order by moving the object up/down with your mouse. If you select a object z-order does not show every object in the game.

  • Thanks.

    To add to what stctr said you need to make sure nothing is selected in your layout as well. There is no right click option for editing z-order on a layer so you have to tick 'z-order bar' in the 'View' tab. Then select the layer.

    I have no idea what the z-order editor is showing when an object is selected, and why if selecting the layer is the correct method of operation why there isn't a right click option to invoke the z-order editor on the layer. Feels like a bug with a workaround to me.

  • When you have an object selected it just shows the object and anything that it's overlapping.

  • See the manual entry: if you have anything selected, it filters down the list to only those things and the other things overlapping them, so you can conveniently adjust the Z order of those objects without having to scroll past loads of unrelated objects. Unselect everything to see everything.

  • Thanks. Ok, so knowing that I will find it easier to organize my layouts.

    Cheers again,


  • Why does the Z order manager just flash the selected object? It's like it's teasing us, saying "See, it's right there but you can't have it!". It would be VERY useful for it to actually select the object.

    Currently how do you modify properties of an object that's under another? Temporarily re-order the z order, select your object, make the changes, then re-order it again? Bit of a pain.

  • codah , you can Tab+click and sequentially select objects that are on-top of each-other. Then you have access to their properties. I agree 100% with you however, selecting them from the z-order manager would be much more efficient and streamlined!

  • eli0s that's cool I did not know about that!

  • It must be difficult to do because Ashley has been asked multiple times to allow selection from the Z-order list but its never happened.

  • Can't imagine why. Maybe Tab-double-click then

  • eli0s Thanks for the information. I did not know that!

    codah I agree. It would be much more useful and intuitive to select in the z order. It flashes to show you where the object is located. Which is useful when you're dealing with multiple instances close together.

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