Using store bought items in my game.

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  • Hey everyone I am new to the construct engine and also game development. I had a quick question about buying items from the store that I could use for my game idea. First off if I buy a set of sounds and use them for my game and make money off the game am I supposed to send some of that money to the person that created the sounds that I bought off of the store? Second If I wanted an artist to design a character or level work for me would the payment I provided the first time be enough or are they legally allowed to keep some of the revenue that I make off of the game? As I said I am very new to creating my own games and how to publish them.

  • Do you mean the music/sounds from the Scirra store or which store are you talking about?

    Regarding your second question:

    That´s absolutely a contract base of course. Nobody has any rights to gain revenue after launching if you don´t signed that on a contract. There are actually a lot of artists, which work on hourly based rates etc.

  • When it comes to artists, it all comes down to what you agree to with the artist you use. As Beaver said, some are paid an hourly rate or a set estimate and are then out when the work is done, while others make an agreement on royalties, which is percentages of your revenue afterwards.

    Just make sure that the conditions are clearly set before the artist begins his/her work to avoid trouble later on.

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  • Thanks for the input guys and yeah I was talking about he scirra store.

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