Using "crop" with the new lowres fullscreen option

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  • Hey there Ashley ,

    I can't thank you guys enough for adding this new feature. I've been wanting it for a while!I'm having trouble setting it up, though.

    In my game, I use the "crop" fullscreen option, and I scale in to "zoom in" if the resolution is very high. I tried to turn on the low-res option for fullscreen, but I don't think it works with "crop"?

    So, do I have to set the fullscreen mode to Letterbox Scale or something so it works?

    From the changelog I understand that the game is drawn at the lowest possible resolution (which is basically the lowest resolution the letterbox scale option gives), then resized, right?

    If that's the case, and I'm using "crop", would it be possible for me to set the min. resolution manually?

    For instance, set the min. resolution to 1280x768?

    Thanks again for this feature!

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  • The setting doesn't affect crop mode, because crop mode doesn't scale anything. Perhaps you could try using scale inner or scale outer instead.

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