Using PhoneGap with Ejecta?

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  • Hi all,

    Has anyone here used this tool?

    From the description: WizCanvas allows a developer to create a ultra-performant native canvas component. The view is based on the Ejecta framework and has WebGL support.

    Here is the author's presentation from the last PhoneGap event:

    Is it possible to use it in Android project with PhoneGap to increase the game performance?

    I need access to native android features from my game so I choose PhoneGap. Hopefully the above tool can help me fix the performance issue with PhoneGap.



  • I tried it but couldn't get it to work (even their examples).

    Essentially what this is supposed to do is add an accelerated canvas based on ejecta on top of phonegap.

  • Gianmichele Thanks! Did you modify the index.html file? I tried the example and the performance is awesome!

  • Crosswalk supports WebGL and many more other features that Ejecta does not support.

  • Ashley Thanks! I'm considering this option because I need access to more native features and add some tweaks that can only be done in Eclipse.

    How should I replace (if possible)



    wizCanvas.create(String viewName, JSONObject options, Function success, Function fail)


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  • You can't, you would need to make much deeper changes to the engine. Also these wrappers which aren't real browsers tend to be riddled with annoying compatibility problems. You're much better off using a real browser engine like Crosswalk.

  • Ashley Thanks! I'm noticed that there is a Crosswalk - Cordova project on Github. I will try it and see if the performance is good :) Btw, is Cordova Phonegap? Their websites and document pages look very similar

  • While I agree with you Ashley that a browser based solution is the way to go and preferable, the iOS situation is a bit sad at the moment.

    What I'd love to see is for Scirra to take this matter into his own hands, maybe forking Ejecta since it's opensource, and provide a solution for iOS until Apple decides to give proper support.

    Crosswalk is proving to be a good solution and should mature very quickly, so the Android front is very well covered.

    tipztv: I'd love to know about your experience and maybe a walkthrough of what you did to get your project working

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