Using large maps from Final Fantasy VI efficiently

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  • I'm trying to remake parts of Final Fantasy VI in Construct 2 just for my own personal use. I notice that when I put the World Map or any other maps up as a sprite it takes up a ton of memory. So, I'm assuming it would be a good idea to use tilemaps to display the overworld or Narsh and etc. I was wondering if its okay to just load the map as a tilemap and then copy and paste the entire tilemap onto the layout. I was worried because if I do that, then aren't I reusing a ton of the same tiles over and over? For example, in the overworld there are a ton of mountains. But the vast majority of the mountains are the same tile repeated and since I just copied the entire map tile for tile, i'm not efficiently using only that one tile for all the mountains. I would be using lots of different tiles that look the same in one spot each, right? So, would I have to delete all the tiles from the tile map that are exactly the same? and then remake the entire map with the tiles that are left over? I hope I explained myself adequately and I apologize if this is a stupid question. Thank you

  • Don't use a single sprite! For what you want to do a tilemap is the way to go. Because a tilemap re-uses identical tiles, it saves you a lot of memory and is also more efficient to draw on screen.

    Use this tool to extract the tiles from your map image:

    delete all doubles and create a tileset.

    Then use this tool to create your map with the tileset you made before:

    The maps you create with this tool can be loaded directly into Construct 2 (read the manual

    on how to do)

    I advice you to search the internet on general information about tilemaps in video game design

    for you get an idea of how it works.

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  • wow thank you so much for the information! Sounds like you know exactly what I meant, I'll try that method as soon as I can. Thanks!

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