Using Full Version and Free Version together?

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  • Can i use the full version from steam and the normal free beta version for testing out new things together on one computer or will there be conflicts?

  • Depends on what conflicts you mean? Files saved in beta won't open in older versions.

    Many of the examples exceed the free limits, you can still open them in free version, you just can't really do much with them.

  • You can have 1 installation of steam. which installs into steam directory. You can have multiple versions of construct installed, even on a usb... The only limitation is what is imposed on the free version.

    Scirra installs different directory than steam.

    I think you can also install the free version on steam side by side. I think I did this once by accident.

    I have a steam license, and I purchased a scirra license. I have steam be the tester, because it is so unstable anyways.

  • I did some digging before I bought my Construct 2 license, and went from considering buying through Steam, to definitely not wanting to. So I bought directly from Scirra - which I can deeply recommend.

    Less trouble, less fuss, more flexibility.

  • I bought personal on Steam and to enable beta updates on steam, you have to have both personal and free versions installed so you can have a personal with beta

    Once both are installed, right click on them each in steam and select the beta tab to enable, (you don't need a beta access code)

    So in short:

    Install free to enable beta + download updates

    Run personal to run the application

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  • Thanks all for your answers! I don't want open my projects from the personal edition in the free edition, i just want to use the newest beta to try the new shiny features and use the normal version for day-by-day work.

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