Using Construct 2 in a regional 24hr hackathon was a bliss..

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  • My team and I had the honor to be invited and participate in the biggest hackathon in the South-East Europe, and creating our game was a enjoyment and a bliss with a big help of C2. You can see my team here! I'm still awake from the time this pic was taken, and it was more than 36 hours ago. It's easy to stay awake when you're surrounded by best of the best developers from the region!

    The topic of the hackathon was "Stealth" and C2 proved to be a perfect tool for quickly creating beautiful games! Our game is called "Dron" and we're proud to present it here! You can download it as an windows installer here, or play it online at

    We must say special thanks to the Nordeus for being a prefect host, it was one of the most enjoyed and hardest 24hrs in my life!

    You can see all the games created here and vote for your favorites!

    Big shoutout glazba for being a prefect teammate!


    edit: We won an award for technical complexity! I'll put some more data from the event in the posts below.

  • Nice to see something with shadowcaster.

  • Aaaand we won an award for "Technical Complexity". With a C2 game... Who would have said, heh?


  • A lot of cool stuff in your game! The way the alarm blends with the music, the shadows revealing the text, the 3d walls that are visible when the alarm is off, the scanline effect, the little details on the floor!

    Very good job, I can't believe you pulled this off within 24 hours!


  • congratulations! c2 is sure a great tool.

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  • Sounds awesome; I'll check it out later tonight. Congrats on winning technical complexity!

    C2 must be borderline cheating in a speed competition.

  • newt - It was an obvious choice with a "Stealth game" topic of the jam... We've spend almost half of the development time on game lightning with multiple shadowcasters, tilemap objects and blending modes. I was happy to use it!


    We're already a team with experience in multiple projects, and everyone had a big motivation for the event, so we've spend all of of time focused on the tasks. Prioritization was the toughest part.


    Yes, C2 is an excellent tool, i use it every day! We were only C2 team on the event. A lot of Unity teams, although everybody knew about Construct. When they didn't, we've happily opened the door for them to a brave new world of rapid game development tools!


    Last year C2-like tools were not allowed. This year they changed the rules, and allowed all tools. We were surprised on arrival as they handed us rules in which Game Maker, C2, etc were forbidden. It wasn't a show stopper, as we know the way of the Unity, but it did change our plans! Luckily, it was just an error left in from the last year rules.

    We even got to the news Here's a google translate link. My team is in the yellow offices!

    Here's a timeline of commits during the hackhaton. First few hours we're spent on planning, and it's nicely represented in the graphs and after that we've spent most of the time developing. We've used Google Drive for syncing with artist and sound designer.

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