Using Construct 2 to create HTML5 interactive presentations

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  • I wonder if the Construct 2 is the best program for creating interactive presentations on HTML5 as presentations produced in Flash. I believe so, but would like to hear another opinion or suggestion. What is lacking, especially for creating presentations is a timeline.

  • RenatoB Seeing that you have mentioned Flash, have you already seen Edge Animate? It has a timeline and a very similar workflow to Flash, and it works in HTML5.

  • Hi I know Edge but I found this program a bit limited. I would like to be able to program or use events like the C2.I think if the C2 have a timeline, could use it as a Flash to create HTML5 presentation with games.

  • It does not have a timeline, but you can mesure the time and use timers on objects, I don t know if that is enough for what you want though.

    I would say the free edition may be enough to try things out

    Also I think there exist a timeline plugin somewhere in the forums, but not sure what it actually does.

  • Hi I actually already do this (measuring time), but it would be much more practical and simple to do that visually. A timeline is also very useful for controlling animations in a game or effects duration. I've seen Timeline plugin (Rez) and I think it's useful to define time sequences. Maybe one day we will have this feature in C2.

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  • Might try Spriter.

    It is a timeline on steroids.

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