Using Construct 2 as an Adobe Flash Alternative

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  • I used to enjoy using adobe Flash. In fact, i was using it in the days when Macromedia owned this great vector animation tool. With the death of Flash player on mobiles and the new kid on the block - HTML5 - i am viewing C2 as possibly a replacement. While there are other HTML5 animators out there, i am looking for an easy to use toolset that offers interactivity and nothing seems to compare to Construct 2. Flash Pro CC is a powerful beast and can export the animations to HTML5, but apart from being expensive, it requires javascript expertise to convert flash interactivity and game logic to the same HTML5 movie.

    But i am looking to use C2 more for entertaining interactive user experiences that are playable on all devices - think Powerpoint on Steroids - rather than just 2D platform games.

    I would like some feedback from anyone who might be using C2 in a non-game role or if you're an ex Flash user.

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  • If you want HTML5 animation, go for Adobe Edge - it's basically Flash focused for web design.

    Gaming, stick with C2.

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