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  • Hi,

    I'd like to use CloudBase.IO, a cloud based NoSQL DB, to store JSON data in the cloud ( ... et-started).

    It looks rather simple to do. There are a number of js libraries, available in full text, defining various functions. I need to get those libraries included and the can call functions.

    I want to do this without! plugin programming using C2 facilities and existing plugins, such as external js calls, only! Can this be done?

    1. It is possible to include the libraries somehow in C2, so that the functions are available upon C2 start, and in particular in node-webkit.

    2. Is it possible to make JS library calls -- i presume that this is the easy part

    3. There is a need to response to call backs. Can this be done from C2.

    Or does this all require plugin programming (i.e. creation of a wrapper plugin) to make this work?

    thank you,


  • You can do all of this from the Browser object. However it's better to use the SDK when wanting to integrate an api. My site has a free FGL plugin that's 100% all Browser and API bridge and works. More of a practical experiment. However FGL has their plugin out now and only the js code injection line is of any use.

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  • Thanks.

    What is the FGL plugin ... can i see examples somewhere

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