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  • I'm wondering if anyone has had any success using C2 for building a simple website? I've done a mockup of one that I really like, but the problem is I can't seem to get it to work in the middle of the screen and make the scrollbar on the right side work right.

    Any insight?

  • ome6a1717

    I have heard of people using C2 for making a web site (and have seen a couple examples), but it is really not suited for that job. There is no way for search engines to index the content - so people will never find you by searching. It is much more complicated to make it responsive (adapt to screen size and orientation). If you want a scroll bar, you have to make your own, loads slower (because of the engine overhead), and other issues.

    I use C2 to make apps that are launched from a web site (and interact with a database) - but they are for private use, not available to the general public, so SEO is not a concern.

    It is possible to make use of the whole screen (and center things), have a (custom) scroll bar, and make a nice looking interface... just not ideal for a typical web site.

  • for "middle of the screen", click on your layout and on the properties bar put "yes" on the "unbound scrolling"

  • I used C2 one time to make animated elements in a web page for a customer. Things like banners and buttons, so i could use the C2 for interesting stuff inside a stantard web page, that way i knew search bots would find the page and at the same time has some cool elements in the site.

  • IJCT - I will try that; thank you!

    AllanR - Could you technically not just put text of what you want searchable as some sort of "invisible" text? (or better yet, maybe a texbox object that is selectable behind the unselectable text?) Or does it not even matter what object-type it is? What I'm doing is incredibly simple and shouldn't have too much overhead.

    drzanuff - That's an interesting idea - what did you save the buttons and banners as, exactly?

  • It's not like you can't edit the index.html for some seo. ... -guide.pdf

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  • Let's say i would have a banner with the size of 600x150. I would create a c2 project with the layout and window of the same size. Export the project as a HTML5 project. Then in the main index.html i would call this c2 frame, the same way if you embed a game in a page. And with the browser plugin you could make buttons navigate trought the page.

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