Using C2 with multiple screens

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  • Is it possible to display Layouts on one screen and Event sheets on the other screen?

    I'm able to move all my panels (Layers, Objects, Projects...) to my second screen but with Event sheets and Layout can only do a split screen on one dispay.

  • That would be awesome. Personally I use 6 screens and cannot deal with just using one screen.

    Im just kidding. Dual screen support would be great. Some programs have a maximize to all monitors. Im not sure how easy this is to implement.

  • I don't think our UI library supports breaking out the tabs in to their own window, so it would be difficult to do I think.

    However there's an obscure trick which I didn't even realise was possible until someone *else* discovered it: click and drag one of the tabs in to the main view, and it will create a split screen view. You can use this to view a layout and event sheet at the same time. With some careful resizing, you can make the main C2 window really wide, set the separator just between your monitors, and you kind of have a silly version of dual monitor support, heh.

  • Haha, did that already :)

    Thing is that my primary screen is 23" 1920x1080 and secondary only 17" 1280x1024 and stretching C2 main window look well...funny ;)

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  • lol I tried that too, but my secondary monitor was considerably smaller than my main, so eh. It "worked" but in the end just made it more difficult to navigate C2.

  • Ashley what is C2 programmed in Visual studio?

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