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  • I found UserMedia to be quite useless I dont know if its just me or if anyone else found some use out of it.

    I had an idea to use the webcam action to take pictures with effects on the usermedia such as sepia black&white waves distort etc and allow the users to save them. It turns out you can save your images with chrome the only problem is it wont save with any effects.

    Mostly i was hoping to make an app where i could snap a pic apply my watermark real quickly and save the image but unfortunately it seems to only be able to save just the picture no effects or text overlays and I dont think theres a workaround to my problem.

    So, has anyone else had any use for the UserMedia object or is it mostly unused?

  • you can save the snapshot to an image on your layout with all your text and watermarks on it, then just use the builtin system action canvas snapshot.

  • Hmm that sounds interesting ill look into that when i wake up thanks.

    Would i paste the image onto the canvas for that? Also would effects be useable?

    Im imagining it like this. Webcam object -> Take Picture -> Paste to canvas -> Apply watermarks etc -> Snapshot Canvas? -> Request url?

    When i was doing it i was having the browser open up a new url with the data so i can rightclick and save as for the webcam object so im assuming i can have the canvas do the same?

  • you can have an empty sprite on the layout, then use load image from url on it to set the image from usermedia, then do a snapshot, you have another trigger onSnapshot then you can fetch the snapshot image with another system expression, don't remember the exact naming but it should be easy to find.

    You can alternatively use the unofficial paster plugin, it allows you to paste in sprites with webgl effects, then you can fetch the image with an expression.

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  • Sweet thanks man that seems to work.

  • Sure no problem, come to think of it, i think you can put the webgl straight on the usermedia or the layer and take the snapshot, without saving the image first, unless you need the user the edit it or something.

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