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  • So Google gave me a notice that my new build of my app should have a user policy(Read phone state). So I did some research and figured I need to have a website where my user policy is on. Perhaps someone has a free suggestion for webhosting?

    But what should I put on? Some people have it very simple, but I do use ads in my app(unity,chartboost), have achievements, leaderboard. I do want to do it right, don't want to get into trouble with this.

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  • I have received the appodeal notice.

    They send me a link to create these privacy policies although I'm not quite sure how it's done.

    If you need help creating an acceptable privacy policy, you should first review Google’s User Data Policy, and then check out this customizable policy, or this comprehensive list of resources for mobile privacy.

    Here the policy is created but I do not know how it is linked to the game tab in google play.

    If anyone knows, please could you explain?

  • Ok looks good. I think ill use that. Under the tab where you put description and the images of your app, on the bottom you can link your policy.

  • just go to play console and under store listing at the bottom untick the box and paste in your policy link. simple as that

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