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  • If you don't understand Ticks or "Frames" do some reading on it because it will save you hours of headache. I just figured this out (Still new to Construct 2 and Game-making in general). This is ESPECIALLY helpful if you are trying to ensure perfect movement of a Sprite or other precise operations that will fail if they are off by a single tick (Which is guaranteed to happen if you use time since frame rate (ticks per second) will vary over the course of gameplay).

    This will make an event trigger every 10 ticks:


    DO NOT try to time these events using seconds or dt (duration of most recent tick in seconds) in the event conditions as they are always changing and different.


    Is There a command to make an event stop at a wait action for 10 ticks and start again? I tried using dt but it almost seems useless since it is not constant. Per tick is the only reliable method i have found so far and its complicated to implement per tick. Does "Wait 10*dt" always everytime start to execute the below again after 10 ticks? or can it be off?

    Thanks Have a Nice Day

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  • Thanks for the post. It will be useful for my work. I would like to answer your question about the event stop but I can't. I am a newcomer myself.



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