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  • NOTE: If someone wants to try this out and make a functioning plugin then let me know about it in this thread shortly before 15:00 on the 19th. If no interest in this "competition" have been expressed then I shall cancel it and try to find a solution somewhere else. If I do find out anything about it I'll share it with you, of course. :)

    I'm sure a lot of you are aware that the first Ouya Dev kits have shipped out to a few of it's backers, including 3-5 of us here on the forum. However there have been some trouble making our C2 games run properly on the machine since there is some kind of setup that has to be made in order for the Ouya to recognize the game as an actual game. It looks like we'll need a plugin to make our games run properly on the machine.

    While I'm sure that our lovely community will be able whip up a plugin on it's own in due time there is a Game Jam going on at the moment that I'm sure of several people would like to take part in. In fact I've been working on a prototype for that very competition for almost a week now and I realized a bit to late that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on that and creating a plugin at the same time.

    So here is my plan:

    We're going to have a competition right here in this forum. The first one to create a plugin that makes it possible for us to submit a C2 game to the OUYA and post a link to that plugin here in this very thread will receive $99 from me via Paypal.

    Since those of us gunning for the prizes of the Game Jam need this by Wednesday the 23rd (That's in four days) I'm going to set the deadline for this competition to 11 P.M UTC Tuesday 22nd.

    What does this plugin need to do?

    * Make it possible for us to export games to the OUYA along with all the calibrations necessary for the machine to recognize it as a game.

    * Enable the console's Gamepad to work properly with our C2 games.

    * The creator must be OK with sharing the plugin with the community.

    This competition is open for everyone(Yes Ash, even you) and once again the winner will be the first one to post a working plugin (as described above) right here in this thread.

    Good luck!

    If anyone has any questions feel free to ask away.

  • Well that doesn't make much sense. What if more than one person makes a plug?

    Also shouldn't this be an exporter rather than a plug alone?

  • That is a good point. I was assuming that exporting through Phonegap would be enough. Am I wrong in this?

  • 4 days.... not for me. Good luck. I think this shuold have been posted at the start of gamejam. Your asking for some one to write a plugin for phonegap. You might be better off going to the phonegap forum and the plugin guys there. They are more familiar witht he setup and can probably get it going faster. Not that there are some here who couldn't. Rojo, Velo and other. but phonegap coders have the best shot for such a short deadline

  • You're right, I should have thought about that forum first. I'll Go and ask around there.

    Thanks. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Seriously though. Good luck. I want it to be done also :)

  • Thanks. We're giving it everything we've got. ;)

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  • OUYA doesn't provide HTML5 version of SDK, only for Android.

    I've noticed CocoonJS is working that

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