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  • First license, this matter can be discussed within the forum?

    If yes, leave the question below:

    Guys this is a very complex but necessary question yourself.

    When will you sell an application to a client, the final price is made that way?

    How do you define the value of an app or game?

    If it can not be discussed, forgiveness, but would like to know the value of my effort and dedication.

  • say what?

  • Rony,

    If I understand you correctly, you are asking about how much to charge for an app and naming the price at the point of sale (to moment you actually sell the app)?

    It doesn't work that way.

    Usually, you would meet with the client and get the requirements of "what" the client wants.

    Once that is done, you then go home and put a quote together.

    Then you meet again to discuss specifics (usually the requirements grow during the development process)

    Then you ask for half the money up front and sign a contract.

    Then it is time to actually develop the app.

    At this stage, the client will ask for and get prototype builds to follow the development process.

    When you are done, you show the finished app on your laptop (NOT on the internet)

    You take the money (usually via pay pal because businesses pay by Visa)

    Once that transaction clears, the customer gets the app.

    One last thing.

    If a customer doesn't have the budget for buying the source code/files, you can ask for less and only give away the app.

    But depending on the contract, you might have to pass on everything as soon as you get payed.

    So in closing. The price is negotiated once you know how much work will be required to complete the app.

    Quoting is complex and no one will be able to help you because there are so many variables, it's impossible.

    If it is a simple app, and you trust the person, you can just do it and get payed when you deliver ... but nothing in life is ever simple.

    Have fun,


  • vancouver, I understand what you said, follow all these steps.

    What is hard for me to give a price for the application I'm developing, I do not know how much it is costing the market today a simple application or a more advanced but robust and complete application.

    Thanks for your opinion, I'm just looking for a price that is not fixed, but so that I can build myself so I do not quit losing.

    You know tell me a base price, or even how to make this price application?

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  • It depend on a lot of things.

    First, count everything that you need to develop your app (SDK, employees, suppliers, the time you have spend etc...), using the specifications.

    It will give you an amout. After that you have to make a plan : how much apps do you expect to sell ? how much benefits do you want ?

    With theses answers, you can calculate the price of your app :

    Example : you found $ 750 at the first step. You expect to sell the app to 100 people, and you want $ 250 of benefits. So you need to win $ 1000 with this app, with 100 potential buyers : the price is 1000 / 100 = $ 10. Of course, if 110 people buy the app, it's better, and the question of how much people can buy your app is the most important.

    And if you have only one client, you can do the same calculation.

  • I liked the idea and calculation, I live in Brazil and I am developing some apps for a company that asked me if I would like to work in partnership, ie I work alone and develop while they close with public entities and then closed the sale , we share the money.

    I liked your answer because viewing application for individual customers as well.

    The more people responding, but value basis and I will continue ...

  • You have to get infos about how much guys like you are paid in Brazil, and you have to imagine a ratio between your level and your notoriety. With that, you will have a price of how much cost your dev / hour.

    Multiply this by the time you have spend on your app, and it will give you the human cost of it.

  • vancouver I wish things worked as simple as that with clients in real life!!

  • Your OWN business.

    If the client thinks your cost is too expensive then negotiate and it won't work, the business is done.

    Otherwise, the client thinks your cost is reasonable due to time and quality, and get paid, then the business is done.

    But there no monopoly, you should study the prices from other studios to earn competition, sometimes competition is good for business, everyone loves good prices.

  • Personally I don't agree with giving a price and then negotiating the price down. For the client it looks like you were going to rob him that extra money

  • Work out how many hours you spent on it and how much an hour of your time is worth. Multiply those together and you have a base price to work with. Now that you have a base price, find out your client's budget and go from there. Most clients will tell you how much they can spend.

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