urgent help needed on c2runtime.js error

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  • Unhandled exception at line 1417, column 4 in ms-appx://6d9ebae0-5b3a-45c3-9f42-8674d74ff501/c2runtime.js

    0x800a138f - JavaScript runtime error: Unable to set property 'hasCurrentMatMV' of undefined or null reference

    It loads 4 objects into the array for shadowPrograms object, but there should be 3 instead of 4, as the 4th object is null, cannot be set to false. anyone got any idea how to fix it?

    try to export as a windows8.1 app without minify, but it still exports jquery-2.0.0.min.js, is that normal?

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    I tried to exported manytime. same result.

  • Are you using any third-party plugins? Does it work unminified?

    try to export as a windows8.1 app without minify, but it still exports jquery-2.0.0.min.js, is that normal?

    Yep, that's fine.

    Also if you can upload a .capx that will help.

  • we were instructed to use a plug in for windows 8 phone, but when I export the file, it was not select but selected windows 8 app instead, and due to I dun have a win8 installed, the file has been transferred around many time.

    i don't have enough reputation to post up any url or private msg, if you are willing to help me all the way, can you msg me, I'll pass you the link. Thanks.

    I may start over again if I cant get the bug fixed.

  • type in dropbox's website plus ->   /s/ivy7ggn8f8w2zcj/savethe%20yard.capx

    now url is above for my file, cheers

  • vervo I'd recommend reporting this as a bug.

    In the meantime you can disable WebGL in the project properties.

  • Thanks, will do :)

  • vervo - are you using r152 or newer? We fixed a bunch of Windows 8.1/IE11 compatibility issues in the few releases before then.

  • sorry for the late reply, I am using r152, i think I may have fixed it by delete the webstorage and windows8 plug in, then insert them again.

    Now it run on VS2013, but I just fail the submission again, with my privacy policy, so i'l try again tomorrow, at least it is not saying that my game crash when load.

    But when I try to load the file on construct2 the warning popup still saying cannot load c2runtime.js .../html5/... and something, the game still run on construct 2 and on vs2013.

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  • Please make a bug report for this following all the guidelines, and then we might be able to investigate.

  • okay.

  • Same :/

  • Even with HTML it ain't gonna work!The only way is for scirra to fix it but the problem is they probably won't and i will never upload my hard worked games :O

  • Andrej14

    This is a very old thread and no longer relevant. Your post is essentially meaningless. If you have a problem, it would be much better if you post it in your own thread in the 'How Do I' section, with as much detail as possible.

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