[Urgent] What is the best option?

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  • Hello guyz, I have a game that has houses and I am having difficulties in choosing which is the best option to put it in Construct 2 that will be balanced in performance & graphics:

    Option1: House that has separated parts and recycled also in other houses since parts of House 1 is also included in House 2, 3 & 4 and varities of colours.

    Pros: High in quality, Reduced Download Size & Memory efficient

    Cons: x2 or more in CPU Usage

    Option2: Houses that are made separately by Image. So, 1 image per house and varities of colors.

    Pros: Low CPU Usage and highly increases performance.

    Cons: Big Download Size, Blurry compared to Option1 (Not great quality), Memory less efficient than option1.

    Option3: Spriter (Highperformance Mode (Spritesheet version)) . I haven't tried it on the houses but what do you think?

    Pros: Memory efficient because of spritesheet , CPU efficient, Download size efficient, High Quality as Option1.

    Cons: Spriter loads all images in one go since it is in spritesheet but depending on the method, Slow Initialization(might take a while to load), risky and requires a longer time to arrange.

    Guys what do you think? Thanks.

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  • Ashley can you help me pls? I am making a game for mobile and can't decide for myself. I need some expert advice. Thanks in advance.

    zenox98 ?

    Kyatric ?

    blackhornet ?

    SoldjahBoy ?

  • Option 1

    There's no real increase of cpu, unless they are moving.

  • newt - Thank you very much for replying. You saved my schedule. That's what I think before but the debugger has a different opinion. This decision made me delay my project for 3 days.

  • Option 1 sounds like what we describe in remember not to waste your memory, so go for that.

  • Thanks a lot, now I'm convinced.

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