Uploading to Chrome Store - Black Screen

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  • I recently uploaded a game to chrome store successfully.

    However, when I try to launch the app, all I get is a black screen...

    Anyone else encounter this and/or know a fix for this?


  • That sounds pretty unsuccessful if you'd ask me :/

    Is it a hosted app?

  • It is meant to be an unhosted app (Chrome to host for me) as I have no server/site to host it for now.

    However, I have manage to resolve it after some forum scouring.

    It seems, to upload to chrome, you have to export the file from construct2 as a hosted app (put any website) and then modify the manifest once it is completed by replacing the hosting website to local (which is chrome) and voila, it works!

  • You cen select in the Chrome exporter if you wanna get a CWS hosted or own hosted version. The first will make you all things you need to upload (except the logo images)!

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  • When I select to export via Chrome hosting, it generates all the files needed (I also replace all icons, logo, etc. with my own).

    The issue was after uploading, the game launches but chrome browser just displays a black screen with nothing loading (testing on different machine and IP)

    But exporting it as chrome but own hosting (mod necessary files after), the game is able to launch properly after upload.

    Anyway, hope this helps those trying to chrome web store their games :)

  • I used to use R95 till yestoday with all the 2 types of Chrome export (1 game in CWS hosting amd 1 with own host), and it worked. I have some appcache problems with the CWS hosted mode but solved it with own server...

    Unfortunately I did not published yet with the new R99, so can not confirm this export problem. As I push an update, and have this problem, will get back here.

  • Am running on R99 when I exported.

  • I have the same problem. I had just upload my game but all I can see is this black screen of death :(...

    The version of my construct is r99.

  • I think you need to add the following line to your manifest file:

    "manifest_version": 2

    Does that help?

  • I've already add that line to my manifest file since it is required for an app to be uploaded; chrome store will pop out an error message if you didn't include version 2 in your manifest file. The problem is after I uploaded my game. I launched my game and all it appears is black background :(

  • I just ran into this same issue. Just a black screen when I try to test/play the game.

  • The Chrome Web Store has introduced much tighter security restrictions, which breaks exported C2 games. I've adapted the export to fit the new restrictions, and I've successfully submitted a working game to the Chrome Web Store. So hopefully this is all fixed in the next build.

  • Thanks Ashley.

  • I'm having the same problem with r101. I upload, test and just get a black screen still. Anyone having success uploading to Chrome Store since r95?

  • Can anyone confirm it's working or not? I'm hoping it just not me :).

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