Uploading a C2 Mac build on Steam from a PC

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  • Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this pretty specific thread.

    So, it seems you need an actual Mac to upload a C2 Mac build on Steam, because of some permissions problems on the .app.

    Which is frustrating since the sales from this build will hardly cover the cost for a Mac.

    People already having your game on Steam, have you found a workaround, or have you really purchased a Mac for this task?

    I can test the game on different Mac from time to time, to be sure everything is ok, but I can't be sure to have access to one each time I need to update the game on Steam.

    Your experience/advices/tricks would be very helpful : )

  • option A:

    buy new or used Mac Mini + Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter (and connect to any LCD)

    option B:

    use some cloud service

    option C:

    google "hackintosh"

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  • I pass on the hackintosh, too many time to spend in order to get something reliable enough.

    But cloud services, I'm discovering this, and it sounds more than enough to sign a build! Let's fire the free one day trial and see how it runs.

    Thanks a lot szymek ! : )

  • [quote:1rfgb9tj]So, it seems you need an actual Mac to upload a C2 Mac build on Steam, because of some permissions problems on the .app.

    That's such a stupid requirement.

    Then again, that sounds like Steam (and Apple for that matter). Could you pick up a mini and sell it when you're done with it?

    option D: Virtualbox

    Unfortunately, this isn't 100% straight-forward (okay, or legal), but it is certainly possible. Google "Niresh" and "MacBreaker". Honestly, though, I'd be wary of this option unless you have no other choice.

    option E:

    Anybody you know? Anybody on the forums you'd trust who has a mac?

    Hope you are able to sort this out.

  • A few people are ready to sign the app for me, which is very, very nice from them. But, I will have to do this for every single update, I just can't bug someone each time.

    I just tried Macincloud.com, it looks good enough. It comes with many softwares preinstalled, but you have to ask to the support if you need addtional software (like a specific Python version, in my case).

    I'll try to borrow an actual mac from a friend for a few weeks, and if I can't, Macincloud will do the trick : )

  • What would be really awesome: Apple starts making a mac-equivalent to chromebooks for ~$200.

    Google is really on to something there: chromebooks are going into schools everywhere, and kids are learning them, sometimes as their first computing platform. That's going to stick with them forever...powerful stuff there.

    Wow. That was a sidetrack

    Cloud mac's sound awesome too. I'll have to look into that myself.

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