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  • Currently this market is closed for me. I have an iPad but not a Mac. I used to live in the US but now I'm working in Israel.

    So I'm actually blocked from this market. Even if I create a great game with C2 there's no way I can upload to the app Store.

    So my idea is in a sort of a question. Will C2 people offer such service in the future? If one of you has an apple account which allows you to upload apps to the app store than it would be a great idea to offer such service to the C2 community.

    As a game creator I don't mind sharing 20% (and 80% to me) for future profits. This will also serve as a great promotion tool.

    You can also add this sentence "Game should go through quality approval" so not all candidates will be approved for uploading. This will insure a high quality level.

    As I see it it's a win-win situation. If the game doesn't sell even one time no one lost any money. The annual payment which goes to Apple is the same no matter how many games you've uploaded. If the game is sold the share looks fair to both sides/"partners".

  • I wonder if you could use something like VirtualBox to run OSX and submit your app to the appstore? I know you have to register with them but I wonder if they need proof that you actually own a Mac, like a serial or something.

  • I think you can do it with phone gap. Although, I generally find that working with apple means you have to have an apple to make it work. I bought a mac mini last year and I haven't looked back.

  • Scirra couldn't really do anything about the must-own-a-mac problem...

    It's completely apple's fault for being [anti-apple statements retracted for the sake of sanity]

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  • sqiddster: I'm missing something here. If someone has an Apple account + an access to a Mac, can't he upload a game made by a friend under his name/account?

  • I don't think we'll offer any publishing services for the forseeable future. We're a tiny company so our best bet is to focus on one thing, which is making the best game editor. If your country is blocked, maybe your best bet is to find a friend in another country and see if you can get them to publish your game for you.

  • I suppose so. I was just saying that Scirra doesn't really have the resources/time to do this. Even then, I highly doubt it's legal, and would end up completely ridiculous (1000 games uploaded by 'scirra', who has to pay 80% each game :D )

  • sqiddster don't now anything about their licensing method, but it's not that bad idea actually. 1 guy have appstore account, and others upload their game on his account name - noone have to know that ;)

  • I tried to look up the apple app store rules but unfortunately you have to pay apple $99 to view them:

    App Store Review Guidelines

    This just goes along with apples business model. "If you cant afford us you don't matter, go away and die, we don't want anything to do with you!"

    No wonder apple has been taking a big hit in the stock market lately. They don't have Steve Jobs selling there bullsh*t anymore, or maybe it's because apple violates child labor laws:

    Occupy The Apple Store?

    In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad

    I can't believe I was actually considering building a apple game app. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Go with android at least you won't be contributing to the death's of children.

  • The Legality issue has been mentioned here. This is an interesting point but it can be bypass by these steps:

    • Someone with the motivation can create an account
    • The account will be called "Umbrella-Duck Games" for example
    • Every C2 member who has a good game ready for the app-store will send his game to the account holder
    • After a review of the game, if it gets a quality approval, the game will be loaded onto the app-store under the UDG (Umbrella Duck Games) account
    • If this game produce income 80% will be paid to the creator, 20% to the account holder

    This is an interesting idea cause:

    1. I thought about it first

    2. I like my ideas (usually)

    3. If someone wishes to create such account than this will be an extra for him. No lose situation + A chance to make extra money and maybe cover the $99 price tag

    4. It promotes C2 which is a good thing in itself

    5. It somehow sweeten the silly $99 payment requirement. Making money out of developers who help you make money is a bad concept. Companies like Apple should be ashamed of themselves for doing so. In my mind it's just a mean to control the quality of games by removing all the poor people out of the equation

    6. We have here a live community. This idea adds the "kicking" into it

  • Again I will say that if you want to publish apps to the app store it is best you get a mac. Signing your app is actually a fairly in depth process, you don't just simply upload you app to apple. You have to download certificates, developer profiles and more.

    For me I just bought the mac. There might be a way to partition your hard drive and run OSX on it. But at the end of the day you will be spending a lot of time on it and it might be more worth while to get a mac.

  • mammoth, :) I do not wish to own a Mac. I better things to do than own a Mac. with the price of 1 Mac I can but 3 killer PC's, an expansive display card, the next Xbox 720 and I'll still have some change for a tasty burger.

    I'm exaggerate of course but I'm trying to make a point. Buying a Mac + paying $99 just to be able to upload a game to the app-store looks silly from my point of view.

    It's like buying an expansive Fender guitar just to get a permission to upload my MP3 to an online music store or buying a Gutenberg machine just to be able to put my book on Amazon.

    I love working on a PC. I like my iPad2 too but I prefer staying with "good" people and not turn into the dark side.

  • Now you can supersede the app store with a web app :D

  • Mac BootCamp and get your construct running on windows 7, thats what i did, besides i can publish games on the apple store if you want to.

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